Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sunday, 01 March 2009. It has been ages since I posted anything on this blogspot. I ceased posting items when it became impossible to upload photos. Now, with some computer tweaking, things seem to be working again. The photo that appears here is of my Greatgrandfather, Luther Curtis Hall. He died one winter before the beginning of the 20th century of pneumonia. My Grandfather, Glenn Monroe Hall, was only 12. His widow, Heather Ann Wellman Hall, never remarried. She died in 1926, four years before my birth. My father, Rexford F. Hall, remembered her very well. I have recently researched her family. The Wellman family can be traced back to Massachusetts and back to England. The earliest relative we have a record of was born in the late 1500's.
With recent events weighing so heavily upon all of us who follow the news, I have determined to turn my blogspot into a thoughtful conservative-evangelical analysis of various news items that come from to my attention. I realize that those who disagree will be quick to let me know. I will welcome contrary views as well as the views of those whose opinion coincides with mine.